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Padrón- Budapest

written by Ciji July 23, 2017

Grated butter, Large fries, Lamb + fig, Pimientos de Padrón (fried Padrón peppers, Maldon salt)

Morros de vaca en salsa almadeira (slow cooked beef cheek in madeira sauce)

Large fries

Anchoas (anchovy)

Gambas pil-pil (shrimp marinated in garlic chili olive oil)

Tonight, we visited Padrón, located right in the center of Budapest. It’s small, family run, and delicious! This was such a long, but lovely day-we walked all day long with very few periods of rest. We got home, rested a bit and left hoping this place wasn’t closed since they were soon closing for their summer holiday. We ordered an assortment of things, and nothing disappointed us. This is a must visit if you ever get the opportunity to come to Budapest.

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