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Lecsó, Budapest

written by Ciji July 21, 2017

I had to dedicate a whole post to this dish called, Lecsó. Greg, my Hungarian friend and I lunched here together at A Séf Utcája. It’s located in Belvárosi Piac Market, which most tourist don’t know about. I asked that he help me choose the most Hungarian dish. He immediately recommended, Lecsó.  Based on all the paprika and tomato based sauce, it looked like it would be really tasty…but nothing could prepare me for exactly how tasty this dish was. Wow. It was so good, I didn’t want the meal to end. I wanted to sit there all day and just relish in all the flavor, but we couldn’t as Greg needed to return to work! If you ever make it to Budapest, Hungary, I highly recommend visiting  A Séf Utcája.  You will not be disappointed!

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