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A Halloween Party to Remember!

written by Ciji October 30, 2017

What. A. Party! The short of my night was that I arrived at about 9:30PM, and left at bout 4:30, and didn’t actually get home until 5:15AM. Traffic was difficult getting out of the area. It was such an amazing night!  The longer, with more details of my night is as follows… My friend James invited me to join him to this party. The setting was that of a spooky 1800’s mansion. Complete with mummies, and walking dead people. Markus Persson turned his home from a lovely Hillcrest to “Hellcrest” for the evening. There was a full dinner complete with a blue cheese crumble walnut salad, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, and tender pulled beef, 3 full bars randomly placed around the home, fog machines, 2-DJ’s, and there must have been at least 80-staff members maintaining everything through out the night. I mean, there was a restroom person who cleaned up after every person. There were people walking all throughout the home with mops/wipes to wipe down any spilled beverages. The outdoor seating area was complete with heating lamps to keep us warm during the cold foggy night. The pool are was spooked out with green lights and more fog.  There was also an elaborate photo booth set up. Such an awesome party. Happy Halloween!

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