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My view of the Charles Bridge from, Letná Park. I was making my way from the city to get to the Prague Castle and stumbled across this view!

A tram

Oh my goodness, there are so many tourist-says the tourist. I mean, right when you step off the train and walk about 5 minutes into the Prague city center, it’s just a circus full of just about everything, street performers, children and well…tourists

Four Seasons-Prague

Prague Castle


The train station that I arrived and departed from

While I had told a few people of my summer plans, my friends suggested that I take a small trip, within my Budapest trip and go to Prague- The Czech Republic. I did my research and realized that it was only about a $50 USD round trip train ride, 7-hours each way with a few options for departure times each day. I decided to take the 5:25AM train so that I would arrive in Prague at about 12:30PM. I set my alarm for 4AM. Woke up. Fell back asleep. Then woke up in a panic at about 4:55AM…and it takes me 23 minutes to get to the train stop!!!!! Greg and I ran to the train stop, in some wild thunder and lighten storm weather. Stood there and waited for the metro (underground) that was suppose to take me to my 7-hour train. Greg was convinced I would miss it…but I was determined. He told me the only way for me to make it was to run from the track, upstairs, and onto the other track (which would normally take about 3 minutes). As soon as the metro doors opened, I rain straight and slightly confused to where I was suppose to go. And I actually made it on my 7-hour train with 2 minutes to spare! Why do I do this to myself….? Sigh.

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I passed by this place many times not realizing that it was the Great Market that I had on my list. It’s quite modest looking from the outside, but once you walk inside, it’s a hustling and bustling market place that accepts cash only from individual vendors. It’s full of people buying fresh produce, wine, sausages, small nicknacks, etc.

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A broader view of the beautiful stairs

One of the entry ways to the Buda Castle compound

The House of Parliament, behind me

Some of the homes at the Buda Castle

Dress-Revolve (here)

House of Harlow Tanta Crosshatch Pendant Necklace (here) 

Wanderlust + Co Delta Necklace (here)

This place is amazing!!! This is the  Fisherman’s Bastion, located on the Castle Hill in Budapest. It’s part of a large compound that consists of homes, shops, churches, and the Buda Castle. Greg and I arrived here early this morning and the view couldn’t be any better. Good morning!

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Grated butter, Large fries, Lamb + fig, Pimientos de Padrón (fried Padrón peppers, Maldon salt)

Morros de vaca en salsa almadeira (slow cooked beef cheek in madeira sauce)

Large fries

Anchoas (anchovy)

Gambas pil-pil (shrimp marinated in garlic chili olive oil)

Tonight, we visited Padrón, located right in the center of Budapest. It’s small, family run, and delicious! This was such a long, but lovely day-we walked all day long with very few periods of rest. We got home, rested a bit and left hoping this place wasn’t closed since they were soon closing for their summer holiday. We ordered an assortment of things, and nothing disappointed us. This is a must visit if you ever get the opportunity to come to Budapest.

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The colorful streets of Szentendre

Overlooking the village of Szentendre

Aerial view of a small shop

What a delight! Greg and I ventured out of the center of Budapest and made our way to Szentendre, his favorite town in Hungary! Szentendre is this lovely village that’s just a 40-minute train ride/ 15-minute car ride from Budapest. This little town is adorned with cobblestone roads and blissfully colored architecture. Later we took the train to Fellini Római Kultúrbisztró to have something to drink, and just relax since we had been out all day. Later we went out to eat at Padron. I’ll dedicate a post just for that!

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