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I had to dedicate a whole post to this dish called, Lecsó. Greg, my Hungarian friend and I lunched here together at A Séf Utcája. It’s located in Belvárosi Piac Market, which most tourist don’t know about. I asked that he help me choose the most Hungarian dish. He immediately recommended, Lecsó.  Based on all the paprika and tomato based sauce, it looked like it would be really tasty…but nothing could prepare me for exactly how tasty this dish was. Wow. It was so good, I didn’t want the meal to end. I wanted to sit there all day and just relish in all the flavor, but we couldn’t as Greg needed to return to work! If you ever make it to Budapest, Hungary, I highly recommend visiting  A Séf Utcája.  You will not be disappointed!

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Lustrous Legging Koral- (here)

 Adidas Pure Boose X Women’s shoes- (here)

I’ve been staying with my friend Greg, who is from Budapest. He’s been a real asset. Today we decided to workout together. Life1 Nyugati Fitness is such a great gym, and the best part about it is, the terrace faces the Nyugati Railway Station.

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Liberty Bridge

Today I hit the ground walking all over town…I also had my tram/metro pass with me as well! Up and down the streets I discovered many things. The weather was warm, and the people were friendly. Thankfully there were a few clouds in the sky to give me a bit of shade.

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A quick snap from the hike I went on today. It’s where I picked these beautiful flowers

Traditional Icelandic Sweater–Knitted by My daughter’s amma
Dress-Revolve (here)

I visited one of my favorite areas in the city of Reykjavík. It’s always perfectly windy, fresh, and with very minimal people. Today was especially pretty since it was sunny with wind tumbled clouds. I was here with my daughter and her pabbi. She was very busy collecting pretty shells. Earlier we went hiking at Úlfarsfell, where my daughter and I found the beautiful flowers. I think I found my new hiking spot in Iceland!

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