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Prague -The Czech Republic

written by Ciji July 31, 2017

My view of the Charles Bridge from, Letná Park. I was making my way from the city to get to the Prague Castle and stumbled across this view!

A tram

Oh my goodness, there are so many tourist-says the tourist. I mean, right when you step off the train and walk about 5 minutes into the Prague city center, it’s just a circus full of just about everything, street performers, children and well…tourists

Four Seasons-Prague

Prague Castle


The train station that I arrived and departed from

While I had told a few people of my summer plans, my friends suggested that I take a small trip, within my Budapest trip and go to Prague- The Czech Republic. I did my research and realized that it was only about a $50 USD round trip train ride, 7-hours each way with a few options for departure times each day. I decided to take the 5:25AM train so that I would arrive in Prague at about 12:30PM. I set my alarm for 4AM. Woke up. Fell back asleep. Then woke up in a panic at about 4:55AM…and it takes me 23 minutes to get to the train stop!!!!! Greg and I ran to the train stop, in some wild thunder and lighten storm weather. Stood there and waited for the metro (underground) that was suppose to take me to my 7-hour train. Greg was convinced I would miss it…but I was determined. He told me the only way for me to make it was to run from the track, upstairs, and onto the other track (which would normally take about 3 minutes). As soon as the metro doors opened, I rain straight and slightly confused to where I was suppose to go. And I actually made it on my 7-hour train with 2 minutes to spare! Why do I do this to myself….? Sigh.

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