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The Crusher installation A room with many projector Some of the projected images A recreation of the final room from Stanley Kubrick’s, Space Odyssey Random lounge space in the center outside areaMovana Chen showing a visitor how to knit with shredded paper

The 14th Factory just popped up in Los Angeles, so, I decided to pop right in! It’s the newest pop up museum in the city at the moment and it’s getting a lot of positive feedback. I booked my ticket and made a whole afternoon of it. The 14th Factory really paid very close attention to detail. From the layout of the space, the food truck, and the super fancy port-a-potty’s. A very positive experience indeed and one that hopefully you get to experience!

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Big Ben Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden Greenwich foot tunnel 4 Princelet Street 4 Princelet Street Tate Modern Museum The Millennium Bridge in front of Tate Modern Right in front of Gilbert & George Hakkasan Mayfair

Wow, this trip was great! I explored as much of London as I could. London is dynamic, eclectic, and fast. As I walked around and explored I met some people, none of which were from London, and it got me thinking, “What is a Londoner?” I suppose my conclusion is that London is a place that attracts many different people from different places for a variety of reasons.

Visiting Big Ben might have been one of the more touristy things I did on this trip. Tate Modern, on the outside, was quite busy but not so much on the inside. These beautiful streets were empty with people, and Neals Yard was nearly impossible to find because it’s tucked away in a little alley, and if you don’t know what you are suppose to look for, you will miss it!

My days were all very different from each other, but the common denominator was that I got lost every single day, at some point, which sometimes cost me hours of my time. Ack!

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Spring Break, Iceland

March 23, 2017
written by cijida5_wp

Sitting on the deck of an old corrugated iron fish house, with North Atlantic Ocean views Valkyrie harvesting golden pineapples in the midst of Downtown Reykjavik, by Caratoes Mural by Guido van Helten “Estelle and Inez” by Guido van Helten Downtown, Reykjavík My daughter and I came to Iceland for Spring Break and we made it just in time for my niece’s birthday party!Home we went!


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Whitewater, California

March 6, 2017
written by cijida5_wp

Spotted a big boulder on the hike This the perspective of the Whitewater community from our hike

My friend allowed me to use her beautiful desert home for the weekend, so me and a different friend came out to play! We lounged, hiked the trail in the community, and walked around Downtown Palm Springs (about 10 minuets away). The home interior and exterior are quite special. It even rotates as well!

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My daughter’s school friend invited us to join them at the Sender One, LAX soft opening for the youth side of the gym. I wasn’t sure if we, the adults, would be allowed to climb but I dressed appropriately just in case. My daughter was climbing like a little spider-fast and fearless! Then I decided to have a go at it. It was so much fun with some parts being mentally and physically challenging.  We had a great time.

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